Lisa SWIR – The Ultimate Tool for Electronic Components, Silicon Wafers, and Solar Panels Inspection

Jun 22, 2021 | News

Lisa SWIR – The Ultimate Tool for Electronic Components, Silicon Wafers, and Solar Panels Inspection.

Lisa SWIR is a line scan SWIR camera using the NSC1801 SWIR sensor developed by NIT which has 2048 pixels, with a pixel size of 7.5um x 7.5um. The line repetition rate is fully programmable and can go up to 60KHz, the digital output being 14bits with Camlink format. The camera can be triggered through an external signal coming from the conveyor and will provide an extremely precise timing definition of the image acquired.
Lisa SWIR was specially developed for semiconductor inspection, with the ability of SWIR wavelength to see through silicon.  Inspection of silicon wafers or of single dies can be easily set up.
The solar panel both at production and on-site can be inspected by Lisa SWIR providing extremely accurate images of photoluminescence induced by small defects even at low contrast.

Thanks to its small pixel size of 7.5um, Lisa SWIR procures extremely sharp and crisp images of defects in materials at high throughput. The small size of each pixel of 7.5um compared to larger competing arrays with 12um pixel size or more is a major breakthrough in reducing production costs. Moreover, the smaller pixel size induces a smaller array size, which in turn allows using smaller optics for the same field of view.

The SWIR sensors are manufactured at the NIT factory using an innovative bonding process that guarantees the lowest achievable number of defects in the line.

Together with its partner in Singapore ( NIT and VITAL Vision can offer a complete solution for semiconductor inspection, that includes a high homogeneity illumination system and real-time inspection software

NIT is a French company specializing in the design and production of SWIR InGaAs sensors, both 2D arrays or linear arrays. NIT is vertically integrated and produces sensors, cameras, and software.

Vital Vision Technology is the leader in Machine Vision Components and Technologies in Southeast Asia, providing companies with cutting-edge vision solutions to price-sensitive vision solutions.

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