WiDy SenS 320

High speed & cost-effective SWIR camera

  • The low-price point SWIR camera – Unique dual-response InGaAs sensor (Lin & Log)
  • QVGA resolution@15µm pixel pitch
  • Deliver up to 1kHz full-frame
  • Various interfaces: USB 3.0 & CameraLink
  • 30mm cage system compatible
  • NEW High-speed model: Frame rate 10kHz (ROI), Exposure time 10µs mini, USB3.0 interface

Technical Specification

Sensor NSC2001T-SI
Material InGaAs
Resolution QVGA
Pixel pitch 15µm
Spectral response 0.9 to 1.7µm
Dual response
  • Linear (CTIA) Low & High Gain
  • Logarithmic
QE >70%
Output USB3.0, CameraLink

High-speed model: USB3.0

Frame rate Up to 1K fps full frame

High-speed model: 10KHz (ROI)

Partial Reading Mode Down to 16x16
Exposure time 10μs mini

High-speed model: 1µs mini

Operating mode TEC on/off
Trigger IN/OUT (LVTTL), Selectable delay
Dimension 46x46x53mm
Mount C-Mount native
Weight < 215g
ADC 14 bits
Operating Temp -40°C to +65°C

Operating modes

CTIA High Gain CTIA Low Gain LOG
Sensor noise 50e- 270e- 340e-
Well capacity >17Ke- >380Ke- ≈500Me-
Dynamic Range 49dB 63dB 120dB



Interface GUI SDK
USB 3.0 & GigE NITVision Yes
CameraLink NITVision No



Main applications:

  • Industrial process monitoring
  • Laser Beam Profiling & Tracking
  • Laser alignment
  • R&D purposes