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NIT’s broad range of cameras and sensors have been along with scientists in their most critical experiences since NIT creation. Whether you are measuring, detecting, analyzing, or observing, NIT technology will prove to be indispensable solutions in many cases.


Biomedical Imaging

why NIT?

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The use of our SWIR camera brings even more valuable information for microscopy processes thanks to the Infrared band, i.e: 900nm-1700nm. With SWIR microscopes, observe beyond the standard visible range microscopes.

new swir microscope with HiPe SenS camera

Courtesy of Pembroke Instruments

Low dark current and longer exposure are required because of low signal application.

  • Quantum Efficiency(QE): >85%peak
  • Typical dark current: 2000e-/pixel/s @-15°C, 1200e-/pixel/s @-20°C
  • Readout Noise (High gain mode): <40e-
  • Cooling capacity : >50°C below ambient
  • Cost-effective solution – Best price to performance ratio on the market

Biomedical Imaging

SWIR opens new opportunities for deep tissue imaging for In-vivo applications. Traditionally, for deep tissue imaging ionizing radiation is used (X-ray and Y-ray) but poses some risks to biological tissue.

Photoluminescence Imaging is preferred, using fluorescent Dye and excitation laser.
Traditionally Visible and NIR band have been used:

  • Visible band (400-650nm) is used only for superficial tissues (strong scattering and absorption).
  • NIR band or NIR1 (850-900nm) has been used in the last 20 years.

SWIR or NIR2 (1300-1400nm) has the following advantages:

  1. Stronger transmission than NIR band
  2. Lower scattering
  3. Commercially available and FDA approved dyes show strong emission in the NIR2 band.

In-vivo mouse blood vessel imaging with NIT SWIR camera

In-vivo mouse blood vessel imaging with HiPe SenS camera

Why NIT?


Long-exposure time & low dark current


SWIR wavelength (0.9 -1.7um)


Easy to integrate into any system


Cost-effective solution

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