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NIT designs and manufactures SWIR InGaAs sensors & cameras
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Full HD & High Sensitivity SWIR camera

SenS 1920

  • Full HD SWIR camera (1920x1080px@8µm pixel pitch)
  • High sensitivity, ultra-low noise 25e-
  • Dynamic range 64dB
  • USB 3.0 interface.

Ideal for ISR and semiconductor inspection applications.

High speed & Low price point SWIR camera

WiDy SenS 320

  • QVGA SWIR camera 
  • Unique dual-response mode HDR & High sensitivity,
  • delivering up to 10kHz (ROI), 1kHz full frame
  • Exposure time 1µs mini
  • The new high-speed version is available in the USB 3.0 interface.

Ideal for R&D and industrial applications.

HD resolution SWIR camera

SenS 1280 – Smart version

  • NIT’s state-of-the-art 10μm pixel pitch sensor
  • HD (1280×1024) format camera
  • On-board Smart Image Processing
  •  is now available in CameraLink & HD-SDI. GenICam compliant.

Ideal for machine vision and surveillance applications.

HDR & High sensitivity SWIR camera

WiDy SenS 640 with SDI output

The WiDy SenS 640H-STE provides straightforward digital video SDI output interfacing with the most current electronic video platforms

Ideal for airborne fire fighting, search and rescue, and agricultural mapping.  

High-performance SWIR camera

HiPe SenS 640

High-performance SWIR camera with low noise, high sensitivity, and long exposure time with simple air cooling.

Best performance and lowest price of its class for scientific and medical applications.

SWIR Line-scan array camera

LiSaSWIR 2048

Line scan array camera with 2048 pixels for industrial inspection. The smallest pixel size on the market of 7.5μm delivers sharp images at a high frame rate.

Genicam and external triggering capabilities allow easy integration into inspection systems.

Short-wave Infrared (SWIR) cameras

Performances, Cost-efficiency, Robustness – No compromises

NIT SWIR cameras

Need to stay in the visible spectrum?

HDR CMOS cameras

HDR MAGIC cameras and intensified modules


Our products have been designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications


semiconductor inspection application


Welding application


surveillance application


laser alignment


microscopy application


other imaging application

Other applications

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17  Sep 2024

ESA Industry Days

Noordwijk, The Netherlands

EPIC Technology Meeting on Photonics for NewSpace – Optical communication

Dedicated Sensors for Laser alignment & Tracking for Optical Communications –
François Coursaget, General Manager

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A new offer from NIT

A new offer from NIT

New Imaging Technologies (NIT) is widely recognized as a major supplier of SWIR cameras, based upon an innovative...