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New Imaging Technologies is a leading supplier of SWIR and High Dynamic Range imaging solutions. With more than a decade of R&D, NIT masters all the steps from sensor design to complete camera engineering, including the manufacturing of InGaAs sensors.

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Season’s Greetings 2020

It’s been quite a year for us all!In 2020, we had launched a whole new SWIR line - the High-performance SWIR air-cooled camera HiPe SenS (available both in USB.3.0 and CameraLink), for low-light and long-exposure time application.Also, our dual-response HDR & High...

HiPe SenS CameraLink – Now available

NIT expands the High-Performance SWIR camera series with the HiPe SenS CameraLink. To facilitate the integration of HiPe SenS cameras into any microscopy or system, NIT provides one more option of the HiPe SenS series – the HiPe SenS 640M-ST. This camera with...

WiDy SenS 640 A-STE – the newest member of WiDy SenS series

A new SWIR camera from the WiDy SenS family: WiDy SenS 640A-STE with Analog output

NIT officially releases HiPe SenS SWIR camera for low light, long exposure time applications.

NIT officially releases its latest HiPe Sens SWIR camera featuring best in class performances for low light, long exposure time applications at an affordable price.

NIT introduces NITViewerGIGE and new SDK

NIT introduces new GigE viewer software and SDK in Python.

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