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New Imaging Technologies is a leading supplier of SWIR and High Dynamic Range imaging solutions. With more than a decade of R&D, NIT masters all the steps from sensor design to complete camera engineering, including the manufacturing of InGaAs sensors.

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Our products have been designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications in the industrial and in the defense fields.


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NIT Releases a Split Version of its WiDy SenS Flagship Camera – WiDy SenS 640 OEM

To address the increasing demand for integrating SWIR cameras into custom systems, particularly small and light-weight gimbals, NIT has just released a split version of its flagship WiDy SenS camera - WiDy SenS 640 OEM. This camera version integrates the NIT  InGaAs...

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Join us at FABTECH 2019 – booth#A3742 (Nov.11-14) to experience our cameras in action in the Welding & Additive Manufacturing industry

SWIR imaging and space applications

NIT’s presentation at EPIC Meeting on New Space

NIT presents WiDy SenS GigE at booth N7-318, DSEI 2019

NIT welcomes you at booth N7-318, DSEI 2019 London for seeing its new WiDy SenS GigE.

NIT launches WiDy SenS GigE for industrial applications

NIT launches a new SWIR camera on June 25th. The WiDy SenS GigE, with a proven standard interface, for industrial applications.

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