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LiSaSWIR 2048 SWIR camera

LiSaSWIR 2048

SWIR Line-scan array camera

  • NIT in-house designed InGaAs sensor (2048×1 pixels @7.5µm)
  • Bad Pixels Replacement and embedded Non Uniformity Correction
  • CameraLink interface


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LiSaSWIR 2048 SWIR camera
Global shutter
SDK yes

Softwares are provided for our SWIR camera : 


  • NITLink is compatible with CameraLink and Analog SWIR embedded Cameras

    System requirement…

    To run NIT Software, the minimum system requirements are:

    • Windows 8, 8.1 & 10
    • 32 bit or 64 bit
    • 4 GB RAM (minimum), 8GB RAM (recommended) 
    • Frames grabber compatible: Dalsa ImperX
    • Intel Pro/1000 network card (or equivalent) with Jumbo Frames

    To download our software, please register/ log-in at our Download page.


    With its unique performances and features, the LiSaSWIR 2048 is the perfect camera for industrial applications. Its 2048×1 pixels resolution with frame rate 60kHz, Bad Pixels Replacement and embedded Non Uniformity Correction offer a comfortable Field of view for inspection of semiconductor/wafer/solar cell panel or food sorting, hot glass inspection.

    CameraLink interface, compact size of 46* 46 * 65.6 mm, light weight, LiSaSWIR is easy to integrate in any process control system.


    solar panel inspection icon

    Solar panel inspection

    process sorting icon

    Process sorting

    Image example

    Curious about Line-scan array SWIR camera? Here are some images captured by LiSaSWIR 2048.

    LiSaSWIR image example 2

    Comparison of Chipset image

    Made with Visible Linescan camera (left) vs. the new LiSa SWIR (right)

    Thanks to LiSa SWIR, you will be able to inspect through integrated circuit chips for quality inspection. Defect can be easily detected as cracks, void, particules…

    LiSaSWIR image example 1

    Image of a Si Wafer captured by the LiSa SWIR 2048

    As Silicon is transparent to Short Wave Infrared wavelength (SWIR), back side wafer inspection can be done, to detect defect, pattern alignment, pattern defect inspection, and edge-position bonding inspection.

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