WiDy SenS 640

High Sensitivity & HDR camera

  • The best trade-off on market – Unique dual-response InGaAs sensor (Lin & Log)
  • VGA resolution – 640x512px @15µm pixel pitch
  • Various interfaces: USB 3.0, CameraLink, GigE, Analog or SDI interface (GUI & SDK compatibility)
  • TEC1
  • Bad Pixels Replacement and smart Non-Uniformity Correction (NUC)
  • Gated mode option (Fastest gating capability)
  • Available in Compact & Embedded

Technical specification

Sensor NSC1601T-SI
Material InGaAs
Resolution 640x512
Pixel pitch 15um
Spectral response 0.9 to 1.7um
Dual response
  • Linear (CTIA) Low & High Gain
  • Logarithmic
QE >70%
Output USB3.0, CameraLink, GigE, Analog, SDI
Frame rate Up to 230fps full frame
Partial Reading Mode Down to 16x16
Exposure time 10μs to 1s
Gating mode 100ns to 9μs
Operating mode TEC on/off
Trigger IN/OUT (LVTTL), Selectable delay
Power Range 5V to 12V (Nominal 12 V)
Dimension 46x46x57mm
Mount C-Mount native
Weight < 215g
ADC 14 bits
Operating Temp -40°C to +65°C

Operating modes

CTIA High Gain CTIA Low Gain LOG
Standard Gated Standard Gated
Sensor noise 50e- 125e- 270e- 290e- 340e-
Well capacity >17Ke- >17Ke- >380Ke- >230Ke- ≈500Me-
Dynamic Range 49dB 44dB 63dB 58dB 120dB


TEC off TEC on
Standard Gated Standard Gated
Consumption <2.6W <4W <6.6W <8W



Interface GUI SDK
USB 3.0 & GigE NITVision Yes
CameraLink (Compact) WiDyCAM No
CameraLink (Embedded) & Analog NITLink No


With its unique performances and features, High sensitivity, and High Dynamic Range, the WiDy SenS camera is the perfect ally for multiple applications. Its 640 x 512 pixels resolution offers a comfortable Field of view for inspection of semiconductor or solar cell panels. The pure linear mode offers the ability to be used as a beam diagnostic tool when its High Dynamic Range can be used for monitoring additive manufacturing processes.
The Gated option, the best-gated performance on the market, will give you extended possibilities for Defense & Security applications.
Not enough? Check our detailed application below or tell us more about your application.