About Us

New Imaging Technologies (NIT) was founded in 2007 as a spin-off of the French National Research Center for Telecommunications, with the goal of designing and producing image products based upon patented high dynamic range response sensors.

Where the first image sensors and cameras produced by NIT were using CMOS visible sensors, NIT quickly turned to the short wave infrared region (SWIR) with a line of InGaAs SWIR products.

Large R&D investments have taken place at NIT over the last years to cover all the technical aspects of SWIR technology from read-out circuit design, hybridization technology, photodiode arrays, camera electronics, and software.

NIT is now a vertically integrated source for SWIR sensors and cameras, with in-house unique manufacturing technologies such as small pitch high yield hybridization capacity.

Now the SWIR InGaAs line is the sole activity from NIT with a unique product portfolio ranging from small low-cost SWIR sensors, high-speed line arrays and large format focal plane arrays VGA and SXGA.

Years of Research