About us


We are a team of experts and passionate about Imaging. Thanks to 15 years dedicated to research and developing, our Imaging Sensor technology has been used and adopted widely in several products and various markets. Our core team clusters are made of experienced CMOS designers, Process engineer, Electronics expert, Software developers, and Mechanical engineers.

In addition, with a sales partners network in over 20 countries, we engage a strong relationship with our customers around the globe. (Yes, that is true. Even after closing our deals, we are still supporting you all along the product lifetime).

We offer a complete portfolio of cameras and detectors embracing Visible CMOS and SWIR technology.

In short, you can use our products in machine vision, instrumentation, Aerospace, Medical and so much more: We are just waiting for your application!

Core technologies

HDR with Logarithmic response

Our HDR sensors operate as a single solar cell. A sophisticated low noise readout circuit senses out the voltage generated by the photon. Hence, this setup provides a signal which has a logarithmic response to the scene illumination. The LOG response is extremely accurate and does not exhibit any saturation as opposed to traditional integration sensors. In other words, NIT sensors, in HDR mode,  can provide more than 140dB of dynamic range. Our sensors offer instantaneous adaptation to illumination changes.

Moreover, we achieve all this with single exposure time, as a result, no image analysis required to drive the sensors. You will also forget complex controls.

InGaAs manufacturing platform

Developing a SWIR sensor and a SWIR camera require different knowledge, especially when using III-V material and InGaAs.

With a newly developed process, NIT is now able to produce reliable and affordable InGaAs sensing solutions.

To fulfill the markets’ requirement of high yield and low defects, an in-house hybridization technique has been developed.

All NIT SWIR cameras integrate a 100% local recipe. Straight out of France, from ROIC to the hybridization, our products give you a taste of performances and cost-effectiveness…but don’t ask! This is the secret of our “chef”!