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NIT has been delivering imaging solutions to various applications for many years. Our products are designed to face highly challenging environments (shocks, vibrations, temperature gradients) and our technology brings unique imaging capabilities for a broad range of markets.


Using a semiconductor to see through another semiconductor: that’s how it goes with SWIR Band.

It’s not about Superman powers but taking benefit of the SWIR band as the best wavelength region for semiconductor inspection.

NIT SWIR imaging devices offer an attractive performance/price ratio when it comes to ease the integration into semiconductor production lines.

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TIG, MIG, MAG or Laser welding…?

Unveil the truth of your processes with our HDR sensor & cameras solutions.

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Too Hot?

Don’t worry, we’ve got something “fresh” for monitoring your temperature processes.

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Being able to keep at all times a clear situational awareness in harsh environmental conditions, day and night can make a huge difference when defending or protecting people. NIT solutions are specified in OEM military programs and security systems.

  • Gated Imaging
  • Night Vision

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No gain adjustment needed.
No saturation due to too much intensity.
Laser applications with NIT solutions:

  • Laser communications
  • Laser Tracking – up to 10 kHz
  • Laser alignment & Beam Profiling
  • Active Imaging

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microscope icon for swir microscopy application


Observe beyond the standard visible microscope, discover what we can’t see before.

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No matter what you need, we bet you will find a product
meeting your requirements.

  • Art Inspection
  • Hot glass inspection
  • Firefighting

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Find the right product for your applications!

    Find the right product for your applications!