SenS 1280

High Sensitivity SXGA SWIR camera

  • SXGA resolution – 1280x1024px @10µm pixel pitch
  • Linear response mode: High sensitivity
  • Read-out noise 30e-
  • USB 3.0 & CameraLink & SDI interface
  • TEC1
  • Available in Compact & Smart
  • GenICam compliant (Smart)
SenS 1280 SenS 1280 (Smart)
Key features NUC & BPR
Selective line scanning
On-board NUC & BPR
Automatic Gain Control (Brightness/Contrast)
Automatic Integration Time (AIT)
GenICam compliant
Output USB 3.0, CameraLink CameraLink, HD-SDI
Dimensions 58x58x70mm 55x55x64/72mm
Weight <400g <400g
GUIs NITVision NITGenicamControlTool
SDKs (USB & GigE) x86-64 & Arm64
(C++,C#, Python)


Sensor NSC1901T-SI
Material InGaAs
Resolution 1280x1024
Pixel pitch 10μm
Spectral response 0.9 to 1.7μm
Dual response Linear (CTIA) Low & High Gain
QE >80% (LG)
Frame rate 60Hz full frame
Partial Reading Mode
  • ROI
  • Selective line scanning
Exposure time 10μs - 500ms
Trigger Software or hardware

  • 1x Trigger IN/OUTPUT
  • 2x Programmable outputs

Selectable delay

Power Range 12V
Dimension 58x58x70mm
Mount C-Mount native
ADC 14 bits
Operating Temp -40°C to +71°C

Operating modes

CTIA High Gain CTIA Low Gain
Sensor noise typ. 30e- 120e-
Well capacity >10Ke- >130Ke-
Dynamic Range 52dB 61dB


Image example

Comparison between VGA & SXGA image
Thanks to the new NIT in-house designed sensor – NSC1901T-SISenS 1280 SWIR camera provides a higher resolution image (1280×1024). You can see better details with higher sharpness with no distortion, especially when zooming in.


The SenS 1280 camera is the perfect choice for multiple applications. The pure linear-mode (High sensitivity with low noise 30e-) offers an ability to be used as a beam diagnostic tool. Its 1280 x 1024 pixels resolution offers a better field of view for inspection of semiconductor or solar cell panels. Also, SXGA resolution will give you extended possibilities for Defense & Security applications with better details and sharpness.


Interface GUI SDK
USB 3.0 NITVision Yes
CameraLink(Compact) NITVision No
CameraLink(Smart) NITGenicamControlTool No
SDI (Smart) NITGenicamControlTool No