SenS 1280

High Sensitivity SXGA SWIR camera

  • SXGA resolution – 1280x1024px @10µm pixel pitch
  • Linear response mode: High sensitivity
  • Read-out noise 30e-
  • USB 3.0 & CameraLink & SDI interface
  • TEC1
  • Available in Compact & Smart
  • GenICam compliant (Smart)

Technical Specification

SenS 1280 SenS 1280 (Smart)
Key features NUC & BPR
Selective line scanning
On-board NUC & BPR
Automatic Gain Control (Brightness/Contrast)
Automatic Integration Time (AIT)
GenICam compliant
Output USB 3.0, CameraLink CameraLink, HD-SDI
Dimensions 58x58x70mm 55x55x64/72mm
Weight <400g <400g
GUIs NITVision NITGenicamControlTool
SDKs (USB & GigE) x86-64 & Arm64
(C++,C#, Python)


Sensor NSC1901T-SI
Material InGaAs
Resolution 1280x1024
Pixel pitch 10μm
Spectral response 0.9 to 1.7μm
Dual response Linear (CTIA) Low & High Gain
QE >80% (LG)
Frame rate 60Hz full frame
Partial Reading Mode
  • ROI
  • Selective line scanning
Exposure time 10μs - 500ms
Trigger Software or hardware

  • 1x Trigger IN/OUTPUT
  • 2x Programmable outputs

Selectable delay

Power Range 12V
Dimension 58x58x70mm
Mount C-Mount native
ADC 14 bits
Operating Temp -40°C to +71°C

Operating modes

CTIA High Gain CTIA Low Gain
Sensor noise typ. 30e- 120e-
Well capacity >10Ke- >130Ke-
Dynamic Range 52dB 61dB


Interface GUI SDK
USB 3.0 NITVision Yes
CameraLink(Compact) NITVision No
CameraLink(Smart) NITGenicamControlTool No
SDI (Smart) NITGenicamControlTool No

Image example

Comparison between VGA & SXGA image
Thanks to the new NIT in-house designed sensor – NSC1901T-SISenS 1280 SWIR camera provides a higher resolution image (1280×1024). You can see better details with higher sharpness with no distortion, especially when zooming in.


The SenS 1280 camera is the perfect choice for multiple applications. The pure linear mode (High sensitivity with low noise 30e-) offers the ability to be used as a beam diagnostic tool. Its 1280 x 1024 pixels resolution offers a better field of view for inspection of semiconductor or solar cell panels. Also, SXGA resolution will give you extended possibilities for Defense & Security applications with better details and sharpness.