Hurray! You have now your SWIR/Visible camera in your hands or you plan to buy one and you worry about the integration and software issues.

You are right: software plays a major role in camera integration and images acquisitions but fortunately, we didn’t forget to work on that point too!

Softwares for SWIR cameras and modules

Our SWIR Cameras are provided with a complete software solution including all necessary tools needed for a user-friendly interface.

An entire set of processing and post-processing is available to extract all useful information and to optimize your short wave infrared images.


WiDyVISION is dedicated to our SWIR USB Cameras and Modules

Latest Version available: WiDyVISION 3.6.3


WiDyCAM is compatible with CameraLink SWIR Cameras and Modules with CameraLink output

Latest Version Available:  WiDyCAM 1.2

Softwares for MAGIC cameras and modules


MagicVISION is available only for USB CMOS Visible Cameras and Modules.

Latest Version available: MagicVISION 2.4


MagicCAM is compatible with MAGIC CameraLink Cameras and Modules.

Latest Version Available:  MagicCAM 1.2

Software Development Kit

Complete SDK packages for USB and GigE are available for additional development

USB Windows

Latest version SDK C++: 1.8.0 (for Visual Studio 2013)

Latest version SDK C#: 1.5.5 (for Visual Studio 2013 and Framework 4.5.2)

USB Linux

Beta Version SDK C++: 1.7 (for Ubuntu 16.04)

GIGE Windows

Latest Version (Beta) SDK C++: 1.6 (for Visual Studio 2013 and 64 bits)

System requirement

In order to run NIT Softwares the minimum system requirements are:

  • Windows 8, 8.1 & 10
  • 32 bit or 64 bit
  • 4 GB RAM or more
  • Frames grabber compatible: Dalsa ImperX
  • Intel Pro/1000 network card (or equivalent) with Jumbo Frames


Support service

Please feel free to reach our support team at