Apr 30, 2018 | News

Learn about Gated imaging application in long-range imaging. Your specific region of interest will be accurately delimited thanks to our dedicated WiDy cameras.

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    NIT launches a new product: WiDy SenS camera.

    NIT launches a new product: WiDy SenS camera.

    WiDy SenS camera’s exclusive pixel structure combines a linear and logarithmic response, leading to the best trade-off on the market between high sensitivity and high dynamic range (>120 dB). This product is efficient to deal with fast variations of illumination...

    NSC1601T-SI: a unique dual response mode SWIR VGA sensor

    The first preview of NIT’s latest innovation in InGaAs technology will be publicly released at Photonics West 2018, San Francisco, booth#841. The NSC1601T-SI all-purpose VGA 15µm sensor bridges the gap between high sensitivity and wide dynamic range with following...