SEMICON West invitation

SEMICON West invitation

Join us at booth #1854SEMICON WEST 2021 from December 7th – 9th. We are excited to meet you in person and present our SWIR solutions to enhance your vision requirements.

Don’t miss the chance to test our SWIR cameras’ performances on-site and discuss with our experts to get cutting-edge SWIR products. You can also make a trial with SWIR microscopy so don’t hesitate to bring your examples.

Schedule your meeting in advance to have a quality discussion.

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New GUIs and SDKs updates

New GUIs and SDKs updates

The new versions of NITLibrary (v3.2) and NITVision GUI (v1.2) are now available for download. In this new version, new cameras are supported:

This update expands the range of operating systems supported by NITVision GUIs. The graphic user interface is now available on Linux for x86_64 and ARM64 (Aarch64) systems.

  • NITVision :
    • x86/x64 systems:
      • Windows (update)
      • Linux:
        • Ubuntu 18.04 (*new)
        • Ubuntu 20.04 – Python 3.8 (*new)
        • Debian 9 – Python 3.5 (*new)
        • Debian 11 – Python 3.9 (*new)
    • Arm (Aarch64) systems:
        • Ubuntu 18.04 (*new)

Python support is now available on NITLibrary 3.X:

    • NITLibrary 3.2 supported OS and programming languages:
      • x86/x64 systems:
        • Windows:
          • C++ (update)
          • Python 3.5 / 3.6 / 3.8 / 3.9 (*new)
        • Ubuntu 18.04
          • C++ (update)
          • Python 3.6 (*new)
        • Ubuntu 20.04
          • C++ (*new)
          • Python 3.8 (*new)
        • Debian 9
          • C++ (update)
          • Python 3.5 (*new)
        • Debian 11
          • C++ (*new)
          • Python 3.9 (*new)
      • Arm (Aarch64) systems:
        • Ubuntu 18.04
          • C++ (update)
          • Python 3.6 (*new)

You can now log in and download all software updates directly on the Download page.

Low Price Point InGaAs SWIR Camera for R&D and Industrial Applications

Low Price Point InGaAs SWIR Camera for R&D and Industrial Applications

SWIR imaging is now very popular for industrial usage but still many applications suffer from the high cost of current SWIR cameras, where the required budget is not aligned with the expected return of investment. This is the case for many industries where SWIR imaging can bring extremely high value such as food, vegetables, and fruit inspection, molded glass manufacturing, waste sorting… Installing several SWIR cameras on a production line cannot be made only because of ROI on the purchase budget.

For these reasons, NIT has designed a low price point SWIR camera, the WiDy SenS 320, by first redesigning completely the InGaAs focal plane array and making it cost-optimized by leveraging NIT’s innovative high yield hybridization technique and ready for volume production. Then the camera itself has been redesigned with cost-effective components without sacrificing the overall performance.

The end result is the WiDy SenS 320, which integrates our latest dual-mode NSC 2001 InGaAs focal plane array, QVGA resolution, delivering up to 1K fps full-frame, available both with USB3 and CamLink video output. The high dynamic range of more than 120dB with the logarithmic response is also available and can be switched to the linear mode by software to get a high sensitive SWIR camera.

Main applications:

  • Industrial process monitoring
  • Laser Beam Profiling & Tracking
  • Laser alignment
  • R&D purposes

Ask for a quote you will be amazed! Contact us now!

WiDy SenS 320 at VISION 2021

If you plan to attend the VISION 2021 (October 5-7th) in Stuttgart, Germany, please pass by our booth #10B24 to learn more about this low price point SWIR camera.

Haven’t registered yet?! Do not hesitate to contact us to get a free code ticket.

WiDySenS-320 at VISION
A New WiDy SenS Camera Compatible with most Video Platforms used in UAVs and PZTs

A New WiDy SenS Camera Compatible with most Video Platforms used in UAVs and PZTs

NIT is pleased to introduce its latest member of the popular SWIR WiDy SenS family. The WiDy SenS 640H-STE was designed for UAV gimbal and PZT manufacturers who want to integrate a SWIR channel in their systems. 

The WiDy SenS 640H-STE provides straightforward interfacing with the most current electronic video platforms. WiDy SenS 640H-STE has a digital video SDI output directly compatible with processing units such as NVidia, Texas Instruments, ARM processors or Analog devices, and many others. This camera integrates the NSC1601 SWIR VGA sensor that offers a high dynamic range of more than 120dB and high sensitivity with low noise, making the camera ideal for airborne fire fighting, search and rescue, and agricultural mapping.  

The control and command of the camera can be programmed through our SDKs, available for Windows and Linux or more simply from our NITVision software suite.

In addition, WiDy SenS with SDI interface has a small form factor that facilitates its mechanical integration and also exhibits a very low power consumption of less than 5W that makes it ideal for battery-powered devices. 

Get your WiDy SenS 640H-STE

Whether you want a price quotation, application advice, or schedule a demo, we are only one click away.

WiDy SenS SDI cameras front and back

Lisa SWIR – The Ultimate Tool for Electronic Components, Silicon Wafers, and Solar Panels Inspection

Lisa SWIR – The Ultimate Tool for Electronic Components, Silicon Wafers, and Solar Panels Inspection

Lisa SWIR – The Ultimate Tool for Electronic Components, Silicon Wafers, and Solar Panels Inspection.

Lisa SWIR is a line scan SWIR camera using the NSC1801 SWIR sensor developed by NIT which has 2048 pixels, with a pixel size of 7.5um x 7.5um. The line repetition rate is fully programmable and can go up to 60KHz, the digital output being 14bits with Camlink format. The camera can be triggered through an external signal coming from the conveyor and will provide an extremely precise timing definition of the image acquired.
Lisa SWIR was specially developed for semiconductor inspection, with the ability of SWIR wavelength to see through silicon.  Inspection of silicon wafers or of single dies can be easily set up.
The solar panel both at production and on-site can be inspected by Lisa SWIR providing extremely accurate images of photoluminescence induced by small defects even at low contrast.

Thanks to its small pixel size of 7.5um, Lisa SWIR procures extremely sharp and crisp images of defects in materials at high throughput. The small size of each pixel of 7.5um compared to larger competing arrays with 12um pixel size or more is a major breakthrough in reducing production costs. Moreover, the smaller pixel size induces a smaller array size, which in turn allows using smaller optics for the same field of view.

The SWIR sensors are manufactured at the NIT factory using an innovative bonding process that guarantees the lowest achievable number of defects in the line.

Together with its partner in Singapore ( NIT and VITAL Vision can offer a complete solution for semiconductor inspection, that includes a high homogeneity illumination system and real-time inspection software

NIT is a French company specializing in the design and production of SWIR InGaAs sensors, both 2D arrays or linear arrays. NIT is vertically integrated and produces sensors, cameras, and software.

Vital Vision Technology is the leader in Machine Vision Components and Technologies in Southeast Asia, providing companies with cutting-edge vision solutions to price-sensitive vision solutions.

The SenS 1280V-ST HD SWIR camera is ready for sale

The SenS 1280V-ST HD SWIR camera is ready for sale

NIT expands its SWIR camera portfolio with the latest SenS 1280S-VT model which integrates NIT 1280x1024pixel @ 10um sensor. The camera operates with a USB3 output and is bundled with GUI – NITVISION software and SDK for major operating systems.

Sens1280V-ST exhibits outstanding world-class performances such as :

  • Readout noise of typ. 27e-
  • QE > 85%
  • Frame rate > 60Hz at full frame
  • Programmable Regions of Interest
  • 14bits Digital output

Applications include laser beam analysis, silicon, and solar wafer inspection, process control, medical, food analysis, microscopy, etc.

Sens1280V-ST is the first of the long list of HD cameras to be released in 2021, the next available one will be a Camlink version due in July.

Together with the high-performance air-cooled camera series – HiPe SenS, released last year, the SenS series propose more resolution options to clients in Linear response: VGA (640x512px) and SXGA (1280x1024px).

SenS 1280V-ST will be delivered with NITVISION. The new NITVISION software supports all the NIT cameras/ modules delivered today with USB3.0 and GigE interface. NITVISION manual guide and other related support documentation will be updated on the user’s library.