The WiDy SWIR 640 now available in USB3.0 version

Jul 19, 2016 | News

New Imaging Technologies is introducing to the market a new InGaAs camera with TEC VGA sensor at the forthcoming SPIE Remote Sensing Show 2016.

In order to respond to numerous market demands for more accurate measurements (laser, temperature…), NIT has decided to offer TEC stabilized SWIR sensor. Starting with 640×512 sensor version with 15 microns pitch (NSC1201T-SI), a new USB2.0 output camera called WiDy SWIR 640U-ST is now available for sales.

Featuring an ultra-compact housing and very low power consumption compared to similar offer on the market, the WiDy SWIR 640U-ST is a unique product of its kind. Thanks to its native wide dynamic range and logarithmic response, users beginners or expert) can expect easy use, stable and reproducible behavior of the camera without complex calibration and/or lookup table to conduct their work.

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