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May 7, 2024 | News

New Imaging Technologies (NIT) is widely recognized as a major supplier of SWIR cameras, based upon an innovative range of in-house designed SWIR focal plane array sensors. With a strong emphasis on innovation and quality, NIT is now pleased to announce the commercial availability of SWIR sensors alone to meet the market’s diverse needs for volume-qualified OEM customers.

NIT’s VGA sensor is available for release.

NSC 1601: A wide dynamic range response VGA 640×512 pixels at a 15µm pitch, exhibiting Linear and Logarithmic response and a full frame of 230fps.

Key Features of NSC 1601:

  • Resolution: 640×512 pixels
  • Dual-Mode Response: a unique dual-response mode with switchable logarithmic and linear options, providing flexibility and customization.
  • High Dynamics Range: up to 120dB
  • Sensitivity: High sensitivity of 15µm with Low noise of 50e- with Thermoelectric Cooling (TEC)
  • Frame Rate: Experience seamless imaging with a full frame rate of 230 fps, enabling swift and accurate capture of dynamic scenes.

Why choose NIT’s Sensors

  • French Innovation: Designed and manufactured in France, the NSC 1601 represents the pinnacle of technological excellence, backed by rigorous quality standards.
  • Advanced Production Facility: NIT’s state-of-the-art clean room facility is equipped for high-volume production, guaranteeing consistent and reliable performance.
  • Hybridization Expertise: Benefit from NIT’s advanced hybridization process, renowned for its reliability and superior performance even in demanding environments.

NSC1601 - NIT's VGA sensor

Contact NIT today for more information about our SWIR VGA sensor and its availability

NIT VGA sensor NSC1601

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