End of a successful year and a promising 2018 year… Biometrics, New Digital HDR CMOS sensors & low noise SWIR Cameras.

Dec 21, 2017 | News

As 2017 draws to a close, so does the NIT monthly Press release. This year, celebrating the 10th anniversary of NIT, was a successful year for NIT and its partners.
We hope you enjoyed using NIT products and we would like to thank you for your loyalty and your collaboration.
This year-end is also a good moment to have a preview on the next big thing coming very soon.
In 2018, NIT will officially launch a new biometrics line, already adopted in recent design-wins. The increasing demand for 3D face recognition systems and fingerprint solutions in the today’s consumer devices will benefit of our innovative technology…
The existing HDR CMOS vision sensors will also have their moment and will be refreshed with a new digital “dress” and a significant improvement in sensitivity, for industrial applications, automotive markets and the emerging embedded applications.
Finally, the SWIR products will have a new disruptive VGA family member with low noise, fast frame features and increased gating possibilities.
We look forward to introducing you to all these new gifts and we wish you a special Merry Christmas and Happy Prosperous New Year.

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NIT launches a new product: WiDy SenS camera.

NIT launches a new product: WiDy SenS camera.

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