Come on NIT’s booth #1723 J @Photonics West

Jan 28, 2017 | News

New Imaging Technologies, a leader in WDR visible, SWIR & I-CMOS solutions, invites you next week on its booth at Photonics West Show for discovering its last novelties…

Its new smart series camera in GigE WiDy SWIR 640G-S completing the large offer already available in WDR InGaAs will be displayed and demonstrated live.

For the CMOS visible, come and have a first glance at the future new camera products; Smart MAGIC 1005 and MAGIC Nano 1003 cameras which are the fruit of engineering effort for responding to demanding market needs for embedded processing and miniaturization.

Professional in search of smart ways to enhance their vision through WDR for computer vision or imaging are more than welcome to stop by for a chat with our team about our COTS and custom solutions.

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