Compact and low-power night vision module dedicated to intensified solutions.  

  • USB3.0 or CameraLink
  • 1.3 Mpixels
  • HDR up to 140dB with proprietary Logarithmic response
  • Delivered without Fiber Optic Plate (FOP) – 18mm diagonal.
  • OEM version – Module supplied without housing

Technical Specification

Resolution 1280(H)x1024(V)
Interface USB3.0/CameraLink
Sensor format 1 inch
Sensor type Monochrome/ Fiber optical bundle
Pixel pitch 10.6µm
Mode Rolling: Integration time Fixed depending on the frame rate: 1/(frame rate)

BINNING 2x2: The bin scan will group 2 lines and 2 columns. Output format 640x512

ZOOM: The zoom scan reads only the 640x480 (VGA) portion centered on the pixel array.

Spectral response 0.4 to 1um
Dynamic range >140dB
ADC 14 bits
Frame rate Standard Frame Rate: 25Hz / 30Hz
Adjustable between 17Hz to 44Hz
Trigger IN/OUT (LVTTL)
Power consumption 1.5W
Power Supply 5V nominal
Dimension 40x40x43.42mm
Mount No optical interface
Weight < 50g
Temperature Range 0°C to +80°C


The resolution of 1280x1024 pixels with a 10.6µm pitch yields an 18mm diagonal to fit most intensified tubes with straight fibers for a compact integration and optimized FTM. The pads are distant from the active area to ease the Fiber Optic Plate assembly and a special Black-Magic patented process is applied to efficiently glue the FOP on the sensor. Moreover, NIT’s patented logarithmic curve was tuned on this sensor to offer a higher linear portion of the curve for optimized contrast in the darker areas and still offer the >140dB dynamic range to avoid saturation with light sources or to deal with changing light environments while easing the sensor control for low power solutions. All these assets make the MC1105F the best fit for your intensified and I²-CMOS solutions for night vision applications.