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InGaAs NSC1201-SI

The NSC1201-SI is a VGA TECless sensor with High Dynamic Range mode. It delivers SWIR images with 120dB in a single shot through differential analog outputs. 

The NSC1201-SI is integrated in our WiDy SWIR line. 


Technical specification

Resolution640 x 512
Pixel size15µm x 15µm
Spectral response900nm – 1700nm
Frame rate200 fps
Dynamic Range120dB
PackageCLCC52 (TECless)
Power consumption260 mW
Readout mode

Global shutter

Gated Imaging

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    Target products

    SWIR cameras
    WiDy SWIRWiDy SenSWiDy NaNoHiPe SenS
    InGaAs sensors

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