WiDy SenS 640V-STP

The WiDy SenS 640V-STP has all the characteristics of the WIDy SenS camera series such as Plug-and-play, including the option of control of sensor temperature, delivered calibrated with proprietary WiDyVISION software and provides more performances with Gated mode.

For all technical specifications of the WiDy SenS 640V-STP standard mode, please see WiDy SenS 640V-ST.

  • Gated mode camera
  •  VGA 640×512, Pitch : 15µm
  •  Dual-mode InGaAs sensor (Lin&Log)
  •  Near-Infrared Imaging up to 1700nm
  •  Selectable Trigger Delay
  •  Dynamic Range in Gated mode: 58dB typical Low Gain, 44dB typical High Gain
  •  Dynamic Range in standard mode: see more details WiDy SenS 640V-ST
  •  TEC on/off
  •  Up to 230fps full frame
  •  USB3.0
InterfaceUSB 3.0
Sensor format1 inch
Pixel pitch15µm
Partial reading modePossible to integer just a part of the sensor (ROI) and display only this window on the video output. This option allows a frame rate increase on the ROI
TEC3 modes

  •   Low current < 1W
  •   Middle current < 2W
  •   High current < 4W
Cooling capacityΔT = 30°C
Exposure timeGated mode:
100ns to 9us
Standard mode:
See WiDy SenS 640V-ST
Spectral response0.9 to 1.7um
Dynamic rangeGated mode:
Low Gain: 58dB
High Gain: 44dB
Standard mode:
See WiDy SenS 640V-ST
Full well capacity (in CTIA)Gated mode
Low Gain > 230ke-
High Gain > 17ke-
Standard mode:
See WiDy SenS 640V-ST
ADC14 bits
Sensor NoiseGated mode:
Low Gain < 290e-
High Gain < 125e-
Standard mode:
See more details WiDy SenS 640V-ST
Frame rateUp to 230fps full frame
TriggerIN/OUT (LVTTL), selectable delay
ConsumptionCamera consumption (Gated mode) <4W
TEC consumption < 4W
Standard mode:
See WiDy SenS 640V-ST
MountC-Mount native
Weight< 215g
Temperature Range0°C to +65°C
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