WiDy SenS 640A-STE

Smart Embedded camera

Plug-and-play, including the option of control of sensor temperature, WiDy SenS Analog cameras:


  • VGA 640×512, Pitch : 15µm
  • Dual-mode InGaAs sensor (Lin&Log)
  • Near-Infrared Imaging up to 1700nm
  • Dynamic Range 120dB typical in Log, 63dB typical in CTIA (Low Gain), 49dB typical in CTIA (High Gain)
  • Image Flip
  • TEC on/off
  • Analog Video 50/60Hz
  • NUC, BPR & AGC On-board
Sensor format1 inch
Pixel pitch15µm
Min/Max Settings for display – Histogram StretchingAutomatic/Manual. In Automatic, the gain and offset are calculating depending on the histogram. In Manual, you can choose the gain and offset you want to apply to the image.
NbIgnorePixelsIn percentage of the total number of pixels in the image. The number of pixels ignored for the histogram calculation.
NUC correctionCorrection 1-Point or 2-Point calibrated in the factory (possible to realize it also by user)
NUC modeAutomatic/Manual In the manual, you can load any NUC calibration file from the flash. In automatic, the camera interpolates the NUC depending on the exposure time.
Bad pixel correctionCorrection of bad pixel calibrated in factory (possible to realize it also by user)
TEC3 modes

  • Low current < 1W
  • Middle current < 2W
  • High current < 4W
Control of the temperatureSingle-stage TE cooler Note: The NUC and BPR files are delivered only for +25°C
Cooling capacityThe cooling temperature capacity greatly depends on the heat dissipation. For more detailed information, contact us
Exposure time
  • Integration time variable from 10us to 28ms in NTSC
  • Integration time variable from 10us to 34ms in PAL
  • Maximum integration time in Log mode: 10ms
AET (automatic exposure time)On/Off The AET calculates automatically the exposure time depending on the histogram Mean.
AET SetupThe setup is selectable from 0 to 100% related to the entire dynamic in 14 bits (0 to 16383).
Spectral response0.9 to 1.7um
Dynamic range
  • 120dB typical in Log
  • 63dB typical in CTIA (Low Gain)
  • 49 dB typical in CTIA (High Gain)
Full well capacity (in CTIA)
  • >380ke- (Low Gain)
  • >17ke- (High Gain)
Output type Analog video PAL or NTSC
ADC14 bits
Sensor Noise
  • High Gain with CDS < 50e-
  • Low Gain < 270e-
  • Log < 340e-
Frame rateStandard frame rate: 25Hz (PAL), 30Hz(NTSC)
  • <5W TECless
  • <4 W TEC
MountC-Mount native
Temperature Range-40 to 71°C
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