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The industrial sector is the most demanding sector for Thermography in order to monitor processes and increase production quality with high accuracy and high speed. Potential defects can be detected and erroneous operations can be stopped rapidly thanks to inspection. To make these controls and inspections efficient, the set of parameters to be monitored should be selected carefully according to the specificity of each process.

To succeed in providing reliable products at the end of the production line, the temperature has to be monitored all along the process, leading often to a large temperature span. In several industries such as steel, glass, ceramic or cement industries, that involves temperatures between 300°C and 1500°C, making the dynamic range of the sensor very critical.

Our solution

New Imaging Technologies (NIT) has developed a complete portfolio of InGaAs sensors and CMOS sensors with High Dynamic Range. The logarithmic pixel structure providing High Dynamic Range exceeding 120dB is capable to map an entire scene with a temperature span from 300°C to 3000°C (i.e: with SWIR sensors) simultaneously. In the glass industry, one single camera enables to check continually molten glass drops at almost 1000°C and glass in containers maintained at nearly 300°C without any operation on the camera.


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HDR with Logarithmic response

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